Bart Van de Wiele

My entire career has revolved around graphic design and technology. I spent about 6 years working as a graphic designer working on basically anything that can come out of a printer. After that I decided to focus on classroom training, which I did for the next 8 years both as a trainer and supervisor. I came to the realisation that almost every piece of software I loved had an Adobe logo on it and I started doing more with the applications to accommodate the increasing number of output channels in the market. Before I knew it I was doing more with animation, web design and especially tablet publishing.

To get a better feel of the market I started traveling, taking on work abroad. I started presenting sessions and workshops at creative conferences in the U.S. and Europe and moved to Sydney for a year to work as an expat Adobe trainer. Since 2015 I’ve been employed by Adobe and specialise in Creative Cloud applications, Adobe Stock and Document Cloud. I love playing around with new technology, present new features and industry tips on stages around the world and present the business value of Adobe’s creative and business solutions with customers.