Eirik Norman Hansen


Eirik Norman Hansen is a true and sincere technology optimist. He gives energetic and inspiring lectures on digitization, technology, artificial intelligence and robots. Eirik is particularly interested in what technology means to us humans, organizations and societies and how this shapes the world now and in the time to come and what this will mean for your industry. He has over 20 years of experience as a manager, consultant and business developer, and has throughout his career worked with and for digitization and change. Eirik loves to talk and loves to give lectures.

I love giving lectures, and in recent years I have done more and more of just this. My lectures are engaging, entertaining and educational. My goal is that when I finish, you have at least 3 new things to think about and that you will want to do something with.

As a presenter or moderator, I make sure to tie it all together in a good way. My job as a presenter is to highlight those who will deliver.