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Object Styles in InDesign

Russell Viers

Adobe specialist and lectures holder
  • Wednesday
  • Wednesday:

    Russell Viers is an international speaker who, since 1997, has presented in 22 countries for publishing events including the HOW Conference, The InDesign Conference, IFRA, PePcon, and Adobe MAX, where he was honored as an Adobe MAX Master. In addition to speaking, he has helped many major publications and designers learn techniques to work faster and improve quality, including Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, New York Times Regional Papers, Sabah, American Greetings, Crayola, and many others. Having started with CompuGraphic typesetting machines in the early 80s, then PageMaker 1 in 1987, Viers has been actively involved with digital publishing since the early days. In addition to speaking live, he has presented videos for lynda.com, Peachpit Press, and Total Training.

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